Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Reasons Why Have To Buy Magic Submitter.

Buy Magic Submitter

Buy magic submitter? Worth the investment? These questions we answer in this article. Below you can read five good reasons why magic submitter is a must have tool for all affiliates. 

1 Save Time. With magic submitter you can submit your articles in more than 2000 sites at once. And of course with spinner tool avoid the duplicate content penalty.  All you need is a good article 400 words at list, and then this software submit it after spinning to a large amount of sites. This is a huge save of time, without magic submitter you need 200 articles or 1 rewritten 200 times to submit them in 2000 sites, plus you have to do it manually or buy this service in outsourcing site. 

2 Quick indexing. After this huge number of submissions for your articles Google finds them extremely fast so your articles appears in Google results within 24 hrs. 

3 High rankings. Imagine for any submission one link goes back to your site. That’s right you have a huge number of back links to your site as the result of this your site rank higher in Google. If you choose the right low competitive keyword, in 24 hrs definitely you are in the 1st page of Google results. To build buck links to your site isn’t free, you have to buy some service in sites as fivver and seoclerks.

4 Schedule submissions.  With magic submitter you can schedule your submissions for any time you want. Ok, Google isn’t stupid , if you produce a huge amount of back links very fast as in 24 hrs Google penalties you and lose rank. That’s why all said that buying back links is dead ( this is for new websites, if your website is at list 5 months old and already have a good amount of back links Google see them as normal activity). Schedule submissions are the solution for new websites to avoid Google’s penalties. You can build 10 back links the first day 20 the second ,40,60…….500, this is the way that Google’s algorithm approves link building. 

5 Huge exposure. The submission in so popular sites with more than 80.000.000 users in the world, your brand name gains a huge exposure. If your article is useful , solve a problem someone have, definitely you gain some returned visitors who visit your site again and again. 

Buying magic submitter you gain huge time, quick indexing, high rankings, you can schedule your submissions and the best of all really huge exposure. Magic submitter is a good choice to invest your money and of course with 4$ trial program to test the software is a mast have tool for affiliates.

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